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Parents and carers

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Supporting your child at school

Children learn best when parents and carers and teachers work together.

  • Working together can increase the level of students’ participation and engagement in learning.
  • Working together can raise the expectations of students, teachers, school executive, parents and caregivers.

A family sitting on the grass in the park.

  • Working together can strengthen partnerships between schools, parents and caregivers and community agencies.
  • Working together can help develop and sustain a positive and inclusive school culture.

Your chlid School and your child

collaboration Supporting your child

Useful information Additional information

As a parent you want the best education for your child and your school will provide that.

In this section will find information and videos about going to a NSW public school.

Going to school

Find out about the range of programs available to support the health, welfare and education of your child.

Choosing the school for your child can be a confusing issue for parents. It's a very personal choice.

More information Information for parents: About NSW Public Schools (.pdf 246kB)

More information Enrolling in a NSW Public School (.pdf 69kB)

The NSW Government provides a number of schemes and programs to support student travel.

download link Travel to and from school (.pdf 86kB)

Starting school

Meet some of Laurie’s teachers as they tell the story of his first months in Kindergarten.

You are about to join a learning support seam (LST) meeting held in a primary school in Term 4, as they reflect on the transition of a young student, Laurie, into kindergarten.

video icon Laurie – Transition to school

video icon Understanding Laurie’s needs

video icon Supporting Laurie

video icon Celebrating teamwork

Learning at school

As the parent of a school student you will want to know what your child is learning so you can help them along at home.

You and your child’s teachers will be the most important influence on your son or daughter’s education.

download icon Kindergarten to Year 6 Curriculum Assessment & Reporting (.pdf 98kB)

download icon Year 7 –Year 12 Curriculum Assessment & Reporting (.pdf 69kB)

Read about the range of programs to support the individual needs of students and their families throughout their education in NSW public schools.

download icon Supporting students and families (.pdf 69kB)

Going to high school

Entering high school is an exciting time for students.

You are about to meet Sabrina’s parents. Sabrina has autism spectrum disorder and is starting high school next year. They are at a meeting to talk about her transition and ask questions.

video icon Sabrina – Transition 6 - 7

Additional planning may be necessary for a student with medical, developmental or psychological condition.

download icon Getting ready for high school (.pdf 84kB)

Leaving school

There are so many options now for students as they prepare leave school to explore and develop their career.

This section has videos, resources and information about the ways in which students are supported at school.

Sharing information

Did you know that you're really important to your child's school experience and their education?

This series of videos shows how parents, carers and schools can work together.

Meet Pauline as she shares her story about her son Alistair and talks about some of the ways in which she and the school shared information.

She describes her partnership with the school and the ways in which they have supported their teachers, Alistair, and importantly, herself.

Video resource Alistair Yr 10: Working together

video icon Alistair Yr 10: Vocational pathways (mental health)

As a parent or carer, you know your child better than anyone else. You can help the school understand your child by sharing information.

More information Supporting your child: Schools, parents and careers working together (.pdf 87kB)

More information Supporting your child: The school learning support team (.pdf 69kB)

Student health

The following resources and information are available to assist parents understand how NSW public schools support the health needs of student.

Find out more about special learning needs, identification and assessment and enrolment options. Behaviour programs can include anti-bullying, student mentoring and specialist support for students with disruptive behaviour.

download icon Student behaviour (.pdf 69kB)

Find out more about Supporting Students in NSW Public Schools.

In this section, parents and carers will find more resources and information on education and health.

There are links to services available through a range of organisations.

Health information

Further information on common health topics.

NSW Health:

website link A-Z of Health Topics

At The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and The Children’s Hospital Randwick websites parents and carers will find lots of support and information.

More information The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network resources (.pdf 69kB)

School information

Parents can keep up to date with the latest news, technology in schools, read school stories, watch videos and join social networking sites.

Aging, Disability & Home Care (ADHC)

ADHC provides support and services for children, their families and schools.

Useful websites

Parents, carers, students and their siblings can find information, fact sheets and resources.

download icon Websites for parents (.pdf 146kB)

Parents and carers will find many more organisations and websites in the A-Z of conditions.