Business Astrology 2020


Indian astrology does not believe that only humans and their lives are influenced by business. As a matter of fact, every entity that has a starting time, place, and name can have its horoscope and the planetary positions can determine its future course. For example, many astrologers predict about India (a country), as to what will happen in year 2020 or subsequent years. The basis of prediction lies in its name and time of birth viz. 15-08-1947, when the country got independence.


Business Horoscope 2020 Predictions


If we apply similar logic then astrology can be quite accurate about prediction of Business houses. Many people get confused with the information required for preparing the horoscope. Well, name of the business entity like XYZ Private Limited along with the date and time of registration and the first office address is usually taken into account for preparing the horoscope. However, these parameters do not find a general consensus among astrologers.


Again there are many businesses which are not full-fledged at the onset. Consider that you started as freelancing or working part-time for your business without any proper structure in place and subsequently it grew to a systematized business entity so what would be the time of starting the business. Astrologers differ on this; some say that the time in this case will be the time of registration of the business name while some say it would be the time when a first cash deal was confirmed.


Let us take some cases to understand clearly. The American retail giant Wal-Mart has a time of July 2, 1962 when its first shop was opened. The day is quite significant because it is proximate to auspicious July 4th (Independence Day of USA) and both Sun and Moon were in Cancer which is considered very favourable, according to astrology. If we take the case of Microsoft then, though, it was founded in 1975 the astrology gives significance to the day when it was incorporated viz. June 25, 1981.


One of the important parameters of business astrology concerns with the compatibility of the horoscopes of business entity and that of the person managing the company, usually the director or CEO of the company.




Business astrology in 2020 can help in knowing the problems or opportunities and other co-related things associated with business. The horoscope of the business entity is prepared akin to the horoscopes prepared for an individual and the astrologer read it accordingly so as to predict the events.