How a medium can speak to your loved passed ones

Mediumship is the practice of some select people being able to communicate mentally with spirits and people.

People have been surprised and interested with this type of channeling since the dark ages.

It allows people to speak to their loved ones that have passed on. It is not unusual when someone has passed on to want to speak to them . All to often it can be the spirit wanting to talk or pass on a message before they move onto a rich enjoyment of their afterlife.

All to often a loved one might die without telling you something they really wanted to tell you. Like “they really loved you”, “their will is under the bed”, etc.

If the person you love really wants to say a proper goodbye then a well trained medium will be able to pass you that message.

Cave pictures by Aboriginals that date back some 26,000 years have pictures of spirits and the afterlife. There are similar images and paintings dating that far back also in Indonesia and many other places around the world.

Mediumship only came to become extremely popular during the early nineteenth century. Ouija boards were created and used by much upper class people considered the top of town. The popularity has grown and grown ever since.

We recommend do not try channelling the spirits yourself. You must be highly trained to delve into the spirit world. At Physical As Anything we have amazing mediums who know exactly what they are doing and are experts on passing the messages onto you.

When someone has passed that is close to you there maybe a feeling of eery or someone watching you. These both phenomena are great indicators that in fact the person who has passed on is desperately trying to give you a goodbye message.

Once you have received an accurate channeling from a well trained mediumship you will understand that the myth of them being stage magicians is exactly that a myth. They most definitely can pass on messages and want to pass on messages.

It is believed the spirit takes control of the medium and are actually the ones talking to you not the guide.

CW Philips was the first person to make channeling famous she wrote of her experiences in India and instantly the phenomena become a hit. It was popular all throughout the UK and thousands of people were receiving channeling to speak to their passed ones.