How to understand the science of Astrology

and its uses to build your own Natal Chart

Modern day astrology is nowadays a science with its own merit. Despite the many criticisms from sceptics, astrology has a vast and long dating history, expanding back to the Egyptian and Greek Civilisation. Many great leaders, emperors and famous statesman have used the guidance offered by astrology to determine their decision making and actions regarding difficult governance issues.
Nowadays astrology has its foundations based on the conjunction of three basic elements: the aspect and characteristics of planets and stars, their astronomic movements across the skies; and the placement of starts and planets at the exact date, time and place of your own birth. By charting these three elements and finding their exact position in relation to a person’s birth, many readings and assertions can be made by decoding the influence of the astrological planets into one’s path in life, personality traits and tendencies.
Those readings can be used to establish a person’s horoscope or birth solar sign. Horoscope predictions have been widely used for centuries across the globe and across the history of humanity. Despite being pertinent to your solar sign, horoscope predictions alone are general and broad, pertaining to the planetary influences over a number of dates on the calendar. That does not take away the worth and value of understanding the influence of your solar sign. However, when horoscope predictions are based on your natal chart, they are significantly more accurate as they reflect the planetary aspects over your own birth date.
Another use of the readings acquired by the three elements described above, is for the compilation of birth charts. A birth chart, also known as natal chart, is the main tool used in astrology to predict a person’s destiny and personality traits in a given life time. Natal charts are put together by analysing the time, date and city a person is born and from then, the position of each planet and star in the sky is taken and assembled together in a chart containing twelve houses pertaining to each different aspect of ones life; family, personality, finance, career, love, etc…
This is usually called natal astrology, which is a science based on the reading of natal charts to help a person understand they pay in life, personality traits and possible predictions for the future. The interpretation system derived from the readings of a natal chart consists of creating a precise description of a person’s personality traits and tendencies to then, as a second step, understand the superposition of the personality traits over the different houses of the zodiac and then planetary influence over each of those houses.
The interpretation of a birth chart can be very detailed and require expertise and dedication. It is important that a birth chart is studied by an experienced astrologer so you can get the maximum benefits of having your natal chart done. However, once it is done, your natal chart is yours for life, and it can be used as a tool for you consult once in a while, be it at critical points in your life, or simply when big decisions need to be made. Many people use natal charts as guides throughout their life time very effectively and they feel very empowered and aligned with the cosmic energies of the universe. In that regard, it is important to note that astrology has many benefits also in ones health as it takes away the anxiety of the unknown and the uncertainties of life, as at the same time, it brings a person’s free will as close as possible to the natural order of the cosmic energy that rules the universe.